“With something this disproportionate in their effects, how can we afford not to make time for them. You can do them in as little as three minutes each.” – Stephen Passman
Ladies and Gents, I cannot communicate the value of this advice; It is worth reading and applying.

3 thoughts on “3 Simple, Proven Ways to Start Your Day Off Better

  1. Hey John,
    Thanks so much for your encouragement and re-blogging! I’m glad you commented because it gave me a chance to come across One-Way-Stop. I particularly liked your projects under way. Like you, I feel that blogging is, at least partially, reviving the lost art of writing to one another. I love writing “traditional” letters that are sent in the mail also; however, I am glad that blogging can still send a personal message, and now to everyone who encounters it. Your posts that I have read are meaningful and very well-written and I hope to become a better writer from reading your posts. Thank you.



    (I re-posted this comment on your site to make sure you would get it)

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    • Stephen,

      Thank you for your feedback; I appreciate your perspective. Your post carries a lot of weight that most readers will not pick up on. Once my immediate friends started blogging, I learned and understood more about them from reading the way they write and understanding the way they think – which is very similar to what I have learned from reading and writing letters.

      Welcome to the group,



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