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Projects Under Way!

Contributor Days:

Blogging, for me, revives the lost art of writing to one another. Letter-writing appears to be digressing rapidly as new forms of communication (texting, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.) gain control over our interpersonal relationships, which are no longer so personal. Blogging, though, takes the sentiment of letter-writing and reorients its form and amplifies its scope. Letter-writing is valuable; blogging extends that one-on-one, heartfelt edification and weaves it into a community via the internet. So, there will be days designated for those within the One-Way Stop community to communicate their thoughts, values, beliefs, testimonies, advice, or anything pertaining to their person.

Book Reviews:

Writing helps you understand what you believe; reading helps you understand what others believe. My personal conviction is that everyone should have at least one book on the back-burner. We should be a reading-people. Similarly to contributor days, book reviews will be an avenue for the One-Way Stop community to recommend, or divert, the community to various books we read. Reviews will be simple responses, some analytical and some personal. The goal will be to answer the question: “What’s a good next book to read and why?

Literature Days:

The past two semesters in school I have been in an amazing World Literature class. The materials we have studied together and discussed in the classroom have impacted my life by writers who are both positive examples and negative examples. I have been mentally writing responses to literary works for some time now, and I will be sharing these when my personal time frees up.

Theology Days:

No matter what you believe about God, the study of God will always help you better understand your beliefs, or lack thereof, about God. I know a number of theologically-minded individuals who are far more qualified to discuss theology than I am. These days will be for them (me on occasion) to express and elaborate on practical theology.

Other Projects:

The above projects are currently underway, there will be more developed in the near future. The foundation for any project is edification, community, thought, practicality, and turning off life’s auto-pilot for personal growth and awareness: this is taking a One-Way Stop.